User Agreement

Welcome to EnterOffer! We are excited to have you on board! However, to register to our free service, you will need to agree to our user agreement. This document will specify rules relating to use, rights and more.


User: You, the person using the service
We: EnterOffer/Us
Habitual: At least 5 offers with the majority of discounts greater than 80%

1. EnterOffer Rights

1.1 EnterOffer reserves the right to:

1.1.1 Ban, whether permanently or temporarily any person that abuses our service, or at our own discretion; and
1.1.2 Modify/change/delete any offer made by any persons; and
1.1.3 Require users to agree to any revised user agreement; and
1.1.4 Require users to provide additional information; and
1.1.5 Send promotional material to users

1.2 For the purposes of 1.1.1, abuse of service includes, but is not limited to:

1.2.1 Habitual offers with discount of 80%+;
1.2.2 Users who steal, attempt to steal, copy, attempt to copy, use or attempt to use our intellectual property

2. Intellectual property

2.1 By using the EnterOffer service, you agree that all software and ideas are the intellectual property of EnterOffer Pty Ltd
2.2 By using the EnterOffer service, you acknowledge that EnterOffer owns all content already displayed website or input by users
2.3 By using the EnterOffer service, you agree to allow EnterOffer to utilise all user content in accordance with our privacy policy

3. Clauses

3.1 The user is contractually obliged to purchase any accepted offer
3.2 EnterOffer does not agree to ensure the availability of any product at any stage of the offer process
3.3 It is not the responsibility of EnterOffer to resolve any and all problems regarding a product purchased through the EnterOffer service. Any and all problems with a product are to be resolved between the user and the retailer
3.4 EnterOffer does not warrant for any return policy. Returns will work accordingly with the policy of the retailer the user has purchased from
3.5 EnterOffer will not charge the user unless the offer is accepted

4. Terms of Use

4.1 The user must be at least 18 years of age
4.2 The user must not publicise - through any medium - the price of any offer
4.3 The user may not pay with any method of payment not belonging to themselves
4.4 The user will have to provide payment details upon making an offer

For issues or inquiries contact the EnterOffer team at