Making an offer

1. Find the offerable items on the retailers website. This is usually in the 'MAKE AN OFFER' collection or the 'Sale' collection.

2. Click on the product you want to make an offer on. If you want to make an offer on ONLY that product, click the 'EnterOffer' button. If you want to make an offer on multiple products, add ALL products to cart then go to the cart page and click the 'EnterOffer' button.

If your offer is accepted

You will be immediately notified by email when your offer is accepted. Once an offer is accepted you will also be charged for the purchase. You can also view all of your pending/accepted/rejected offers on your EnterOffer dashboard.

If your offer is rejected

You will be notified if your offer is not accepted via email. You can also find the offer outcome in the 'rejected’ tab of your EnterOffer dashboard. You will be able to revise your offer through the dashboard or via email, so you can increase your chances of having the offer accepted, and paying the price you want to pay!

Simple, just submit a higher offer. Retailers will see all the offers on their products but will choose the highest offers.

Once you click 'submit' offer, you can no longer back out.

Your offer has likely been rejected because it is too low. You will be notified by email and given the opportunity to make another offer

This is likely because the retailer has yet to make a decision on your offer. If you have not received an email with the outcome of your offer after two days, please contact us at hello@enteroffer.com

If the product runs out of stock, your offer will not be accepted. Therefore you will not be charged.

The ‘EnterOffer’ campaign allows a customer to make an offer on a single product as specified by the retailer.

The ‘EnterOffer’ button sits on the retailer website and allows you to make an offer on a range of items as specified by the retailer.

You will receive an ‘Order Confirmation’ email from the retailer if your offer gets accepted

You will receive an ‘Revise Offer’ email from us if your offer is rejected

NO! As a customer, it is absolutely FREE!

Managing Account

Go to the sign in screen and enter the email you used for your account. Then click ‘Trouble signing in?’

Accounts can only be associated with one email address. To use a different email address you will need to create a new account.

Head to the EnterOffer dashboard. to change your account details.

We do not store payment details directly. All payment detail and transactions are handled securely with global payment provider Stripe.

We do not store payment details directly. All payment detail and transactions are handled securely with global payment provider Stripe.

The ‘EnterOffer’ campaign The dashboard is used to view all the offers you have made. Any rejected offers can be revised by click on a product and following the link to submit a new offer on that particular product.

We collect your email address, offer information, and name

We do not store your card details, as this is done through the secure payment gateway ‘Stripe’


Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

All offers should show intent to purchase. To make the process easier for the customer and maintain security for the retailer, the customer agrees to pay at the offer price if accepted.

By this point it is too late. When you make an offer be sure that it is a product you are wanting to purchase at the price you offer. Any further enquiries from this point onwards must be taken up with the retailer.

Stripe processes the payment directly to the retailer.

This could happen if you do not have sufficient funds in the account you linked to oaklas. In this case, the order will not go through and you will be notified of this. Your offer will also become invalidated regardless of whether the retailer accepted your offer so make sure you have the right amount of funds on your card.

Yes. Stripe is one of the leading and most secure payment gateways world-wide.

To find out more info on ‘Stripe’ head to stripe.com


The retailer handles all returns as according to their return policy.

The retailer sends the refund through stripe, straight into your account.

Contact the retailer as they are responsible for dispatching your order.

Retailer FAQ

Fill out the form at the bottom of enteroffer.com or contact hello@enteroffer.com

Any product you wish, just head to retailer.enteroffer.com to create a new campaign and select the product

Any product. You can put it accross entire collections or just individual products. We reccomend creating a 'MAKE AN OFFER' collection in your eCommerce store and putting the button on all of those products.

Your eCommerce platform. When you accept an offer, our software creates the order in your online store.
To find out more info on ‘Stripe’ head to stripe.com

You do, as according to your return policy.

Email us at hello@enteroffer.com and we will delete your account for you.