How to choose the best cheap sunglasses in May 2020

By Coby Simmons

May 14, 2020

Take your time when you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. Choosing from the wide range of shades out there is about flaunting your personal style, but there’s a lot at stake, including the health of your eyes and overall comfort.

A well-fitting pair of shades can immediately enhance your look. The trick to mastering this, however, is finding the sunglasses which compliment you at the best possible price. Looking for the right pair of sunnies in a sea of online shopping can be tricky – sunglasses come in various shapes, fits, lens types and styles. Wondering where to buy a pair of cheap sunglasses? We recommend shopping online for a pair that suits you and then making an offer on the EnterOffer Marketplace to get the best value sunglasses!

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The top ophthalmologists recommend only buying sunglasses rated UV400 for the best chance to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays – the sun can cause inflammation of the eyes and even long term damage if exposed for long periods. Sunglass lenses can either come polarised or non-polarised. Polarised sunglasses block the glare that occurs when sunlight reflects off flat surfaces, such as water or road pavement. Highly polarised lenses offer visual comfort and enhance the clarity of vision. While sunglasses that are merely tinted and not polarised can enhance vision in low light conditions and decrease eye fatigue, they’re don’t provide you full protection against UV rays.

Check out Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses – we back their PRIZM™ lens technology, designed to enhance colour and contrast while protecting the eyes (PRIZM™ lenses come with a polarised option). These shades are perfect for outdoor sports with purpose-designed earsocks nosepads.

Oakley Sunglasses

Sport sunnies features thin lenses to enhance visibility and also offer strong UV and glare protection. Those involved in skiing, snowboarding, fishing or anyone looking for the “speed dealer sunnies” look should seek out a pair of sport sunglasses. Don’t get hung up on the stigma of tacky sports shades, even the former PM of Australia considered them an essential accessory.

Tony Abbott Oakley


You won’t wear sunglasses for long if they don’t fit correctly, so be sure to choose carefully, especially when shopping online. To make the best choice, measure the widest part of your face, the width of bridge of your nose, and then subtract the width of the bridge of your nose from the total width. Finally, divide the number in half to get the lens width.

The way that sunglasses fit your face contributes strongly to their functional and aesthetic use. It’s important to ensure that the size of the lenses is proportional to the size of your face, while also noting that shades with the best wrap around will do the best to shield your eyes from sunlight, wind, and dust.

Those with round faces should avoid purchasing sunglasses with curved features, while opting for those that help make the face appear tinnier and sharper. Avoid huge frames that block out your face’s best features though, like this retro square shades:

rayban wayfarer sunglasses

If you’ve got a more square face, round or oval-shaped sunglasses can help soften your features. Avoid sunglasses that are too small or angular. Aviators are perhaps the most iconic sunglasses style on the market. These popular sunglasses haven’t gone out of fashion since they first in the market in the 1930s intended for US pilots. The classic Aviator design features a metal frame and a double or triple bridge – those with squarer faces should definitely check them out.


Frames come in a variety of styles and shapes, and your fashion sense will play a key role in your decision-making, but the frame material is still very important. Most sunglass frames consist of plastics and metals. Plastic frames tend to be less expensive, are available in a wide variety of colours and materials, and are often used in sports or safety glasses. However, for a really stylish pair of shades, look for a metal frame. Most popular sunglasses brands feature metal frames made out of lightweight yet durable materials such as titanium, aluminium, stainless steel.

Check out Costa Del Mar’s Fantail sunglasses, with polarised lenses and a nylon frame offering unparalleled durability and comfort. We recommend these highly as a pair of shades for sport.

fantail sunglasses


The colour of your sunglass lens is often indicative of your personal style, but it also affects how you see colours when wearing them. In general, brown and amber lenses block out blue light and are ideal for sports, while grey or green lenses are good for driving.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic have a lightweight metal frame and are thus perfect for long wearing. They also feature up to 11 different colours for you to choose from, allowing you to flaunt your personal aesthetic.

rayban sunglasses


Hinges are a key component of the sunglass frame, heavily influencing the level of comfort the sunglasses provide, since they determine how much tension the frame places on your temples. The barrel hinge is the most common type and consists of interlocking pieces held together with a small screw. Spring hinges allow the frame to press firmly against the head and help to provide a more customised fit.

Clearly, sunglasses vary wildly in price, influenced by their brand, quality, materials, and other factors. Whether you decide to fork out a few hundred for a new pair of sunnies or just spend a measly $20 will depend on your budget. Regardless of your price point, however, the EnterOffer marketplace is open and available for you to make a buy offer on your favourite pair of shades.

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