BBQ Bonanza: Up your outdoor cooking game with EnterOffer

By Coby Simmons

Jun 22, 2020

f you’re a bit of a foodie, mastering the art of outdoor cooking is a great way to try new things and hone your skills. There’s a wide range of barbecue and cooking styles from all around the world just waiting for you and the family to experiment with and enjoy. Check out these great BBQ ideas that will suit everyone from the outdoor cooking newbie to the experienced backyard chef. And don’t forget to make an offer on the EnterOffer Marketplace to get the best BBQ for the best value!

Rotisserie BBQ

For a beginner looking to indulge in a serious rotisserie BBQ experience, look no further than the Fusion from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. This outdoor BBQ is compact enough to rest on a free-standing pedestal but no less mighty. It’s packed with tech that helps you achieve great results without the extra work. The best piece of tech in this product would have to be the Fast Flame Ignition System™, helping to get things going in as little as 10 minutes.

Once the charcoal is glowing nicely, the Fusion again makes things easy with its rotisserie cooking system. It’s got a capacity of 15kg, which should be enough to feed even the hungriest of parties. The ClipLock Fork system holds the meat securely in place, and you can adjust the height of the rotisserie at three different levels to suit the style and size of your meats.

If things become a little cool and you need to add charcoal, the hinged chrome grill means this is as easy as simply opening the grill up and adding as much as necessary. Plus, once you’ve enjoyed your fancy feast, cleanup is simple with a porcelain enamel tray and firebox that easily wipes clean.

Check out the Fusion to create an authentic charcoal taste almost effortlessly.

Fusion from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Classic Smoky Meats

Whether you’re a seasoned smoking pro or just getting started, it’s always important to have the right equipment. Outdoor smokers come in many shapes and sizes but one great all-round option is the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Charcoal Smoker, providing one very easy way to enjoy superbly tender and smoky old-school Southern-style barbecue in your own backyard.

But, what is a reverse-flow smoker? Well, it simply means that there is a metal plate within the smoker that separates your meat from the intense heat of the fire. This helps prevent burning, reduces the need to turn the meat mid-way through cooking, and better infuses the meat with delicious flame-grilled flavour. Seasoned barbecuers might prefer to flex their skills with a more manual way of cooking, so the Highland allows you to move the smokestack so the meat is directly exposed to the fire’s heat (otherwise known as offset smoking).

The Highland outdoor smoker has a separate chamber for your charcoal, so there’s no need to open the lid and lose heat during the cooking process. It even incorporates another separate access door to the fire, allowing you to stoke or add fuel again without disturbing your meat as it cooks. Another impressive feature of this smoker is that you’ll have nearly half a square meter of cooking area to work with. That’s enough for about seven whole chickens at once!

If you have a craving for authentic Southern-style barbecue at home, then you can’t look past this option.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Charcoal Smoker

Woodfired Pizza

If you’re a fan of authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, you’ll probably know that making it at home is no easy task – at least without the right equipment. Getting that authentic flavour and texture isn’t really possible in your standard fan-forced electric oven. They simply do not get hot enough or produce the right types of heat to char the base and crust without overcooking your delicate toppings.

Extend your cooking options with the new Masport wood-fired pizza and outdoor oven. It comes complete with four large pizza stones, which are great for evenly cooking those homemade pizzas, calzones and even artisan breads. With plenty of space within the heavily-insulated oven, it’s a good option for infusing any dish with that classic smoky flavour. When used at a low heat setting, it’s a great slow cooker as well. And because there’s a fully-fledged wood fire providing the heat for your cooking, it’s also pretty effective as an outdoor heater.

Masport wood-fired pizza and outdoor oven

Explore the full range of outdoor cooking options out there and come to EnterOffer to make the best possible offer on the BBQ of your dreams!

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