The Ultimate Gaming Setup in 2020

By Coby Simmons

May 4, 2020

Building a battle station fit for a king


Ever wondered what the ultimate gaming set up looks like? It’s a question that occupies the minds of many gamers in the pursuit of perfection. It’s clear that there’s no clear cut answer on this topic – it’s a subject of discussion for Console gamers and PC gamers alike. And within those categories, everyone has various preferences.

You'll be greeted with plenty of options when you start creating your own gaming setup, but its important to focus on aesthetics, functionality and value. Are you the subtle style that prefers a calm minimalist touch, or do you want your gaming space to possess a neon luminescence? Prefer the functionality of a desk setup over the comfort of lounge? And above all, where to buy the best value supplies?

Let’s jump in to tackle these questions and more.

1. Gaming consoles or PCs?

The debate of PC vs console gaming has a long history and should be the first big decision when planning your gaming setup. While consoles (e.g. Xbox One, PS4) are generally cheaper and easier to use, they are more limited in what they can do. PCs are more versatile with a bigger game library, but can be much tougher to fix if something goes wrong. If you’re looking for cheap deals on consoles or PCs, go ahead and make a “buy offer” in our marketplace and hopefully there’s someone looking to sell at your desired price point!


2. Gaming furniture – desks, TV units, chairs


Once you’ve establish your console of choice, the decision of whether to go with a desk-and-chair approach or to game through a TV should follow. Usually PC gamers prefer a computer monitor atop a gaming desk while console gamers opt for a TV. It’s worth noting that smaller computer monitor displays have quicker graphics processing, hence why the pros often have computer setups. Smaller monitors with lower resolutions can also be preferable for interacting with the game, for example, a small screen allows information in the corners (e.g. a minimap or status bar) to be checked without distracting you from the gameplay itself.

If you’re interested in a desk for gaming, it’s important to place your gaming setup upon a suitable altar. Consider the ergonomics of the desk as a key priority – there’s nothing worse than a RSI. Make an offer on this adjustable standing desk – it’s similar to the one True uses and is sure to provide a great gaming experience. It's easy for gaming to result in hours of sitting, poor posture, neck, back and wrist pain. By standing even a quarter of the time you could see dramatic improvements in how you feel, so get yourself a standing desk ASAP.

However, if you opt for a TV setup, choosing a TV stand should emphasise aesthetics since a TV setup provides the option for a more social gaming experience – consider shape, size and colour to ensure the stand you buy allows you to make the best possible use of your screen.

While a simple office chair might seem like an easy option for your gaming setup, it’s an approach I guarantee you’ll come to regret. If you’re going to be sitting down for a long gaming session, sufficient back support will go a long way to ensuring you have a comfortable experience. The Ergolux Kevlar is our personal favourite:


3. Monitor or TV for gaming?

What to do once you’ve made an offer on a nice TV unit or stand up desk, you’re going to be wondering what to put on top. Choosing the screen is the best part but choose wisely because the screen is the key way we connect with the game.

The computer monitors on the market these days are pretty incredible, like this 34-inch WQHD (3,440 x 1,440) ultra-wide curved monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz from Alienware – a fairly new player in the gaming monitor world. The Alienware 34" Curved Gaming Monitor is one of the few displays on the market that lets you play games with a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio and extremely high refresh rates at the same time. A wide, curved monitor is essential as it helps avoid a bezel in the middle resulting from a split, dual screen setup – ensuring maximum game immersion.


The tech behind televisions is also progressing faster day by day and TVs have come a long way in their near hundred year history – 2020 has seen the rise of 4K gaming and 4K TVs are becoming more affordable daily. Smart TVs have also become ubiquitous, so you can hook up streaming services and not just games for your viewing pleasure. It’s important to note that the Xbox One and PS4 don’t really require a refresh rate above 60Hz, however, buying a TV with a high refresh rate is important to future-proof yourself against the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Make an offer on a 4K TV today!


Another big question is: IPS vs TN for gaming? It’s important to consider the issue of colour shift on monitors and screens (how the colours change when the screen is viewed from different angles). While monitors and screens using TN technology have a drastic colour shift they are cheaper – however, perhaps those considering to game in a more social environment should opt for the products with the IPS technology, to reduce the effects of colour shift when multiple people are looking at the screen from various angles.


4. The Essential Extras?

Again, ergonomics should be the foremost consideration when you buy a gaming mouse or gaming keyboard. It’s also nice to invest in some wireless tech to cut the cord and really get the most out of your gaming experience. Cover both based with the Logitech Performance MK850 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo from The Gamesmen. The mouse features world-leading accuracy in the sensor and the keyboard and mouse are designed to provide comfort for all-day use.


Since we want to keep our accessories wireless, the Astro A20 is our gaming headset of choice. It’s so comfy that you can wear it for hours. Tune every input and output parameter including Game/Voice Balance to take command of your communication with clear, precise chat audio and flip-to-mute mic.


However, sometimes gamers prefer to ditch the headset, finding Bluetooth speakers a more comfortable arrangement. I back the Logitech MX Sound as a marvel of engineering that somehow manages to squeeze the power of much larger speakers into a tiny setup, complete with Bluetooth connectivity, high-end drivers and motion-activated backlit controls.


Design your gaming setup the way that you envision it and don’t be constrained by price – make an offer to buy or sell anything you need for an awesome setup on our marketplace to maximise your savings!

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