5 Coolest Nintendo Switch Skins

By Michael Seeff

May 14, 2020

Bored of your stock standard switch skin? Wanna pull out your switch in front of your friends and perform a weirdly powerful flex? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then it's time to spice up your gaming experience with a Nintendo Switch Skin. I’ve outlined the five coolest skins I’ve seen in my hours of searching for the ultimate skin!

1. Legends of Zelda

Legends of Zelda Ninentendo Switch Skin

Possibly the most popular and spectacular game created by Nintendo, The Legends of Zelda have left many gamers in absolute awe as they make their way through the magical world. You can now boast your love of Zelda by purchasing this clean, classy skin here!

2. Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros Ninentendo Switch Skin

I can certainly testify to spending hours upon hours battling my brothers and friends in this game that never seems to get boring. You can now have your favourite characters including Kirby, Mario and Pikachu displayed in all their glory on your Nintendo Switch! You can purchase it on Ebay here!

3. Catdalf

Catdalf Ninentendo Switch Skin

Two of the most loved things on the internet: Gandalf and Cats. In a weird yet funnily satisfying amalgamation, I present to you Catdalf. There is so much wisdom in those wizardry feline eyes. Get your Catdalf skin here!

4. Star Wars

Star Wars Ninentendo Switch Skin

Firstly, I love Star Wars. Secondly, I love the design of this skin. The comic book representation of some of the most beloved Star Wars characters fills me with nostalgia and sends shivers down my spine. I only wish there was Luke with his lightsaber also represented, however, Yoda and Chewy will do just fine! Purchase the skin here!

5. Marvel

Marvel Ninentendo Switch Skin

Marvel has taken over the entertainment world. Their huge budget superhero movies are packed with action, fun, laughter and hateable villains (bloody Thanos). Now Marvel can also take over your Nintendo with this skin! Purchase it here!

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