Get everything you need for your new dog or cat for a steal!

By Coby Simmons

Jul 22, 2020

Get everything you need for your new dog or cat for a steal!

There are few things more exciting than welcoming a new dog or cat into the family. As the big day gets closer you may be wondering “What do I need for a new pet?”. To make sure you have everything covered we’ve created this handy list of new pet essentials, and we direct you to where you can get them for the cheapest price on the EnterOffer Marketplace.

Pet beds and kennels

Set aside an area in your house that is dedicated to your furry friends and place all pet bedding there. Choosing a cat bed is easy, but for a dog bed it’s important to consider their size and coat. If you are planning to have your new dog sleep outside, be sure to get them a kennel that to protect them from the elements.


Bowls for pet food and water

Your pet is definitely going to need some crockery to stay hydrated and to eat all their delicious food from! For dog breeds like Labradors who are known to enjoy their anti-gulp food bowls help slow down your dog’s lightning-fast eating habits. You may need an extra water bowl to keep outside as well. Get the cheapest cat or dog bowls on the EnterOffer Marketplace.

Leashes, collars, harnesses

When choosing the right dog collar, you want a two-finger gap between the collar and your dog’s neck. If your puppy has never walked on a lead before, a shorter one is better for training. Get all your walking essentials like a dog harness, collar, or leash on the EnterOffer Marketplace.

Transport essentials

When the big day comes for you to bring your new cat or dog home, make sure you know how to safely travel with them in your car. Depending on how big they are, be prepared with a pet carrier or a dog car harness, and of course lots of cuddles to make them feel welcome. Find a cat or dog carrier that let’s your pet ride in style and doesn’t break the bank on the EnterOffer Marketplace.



Responsible pet care involves creating a welcoming atmosphere and that encourages appropriate play. For dogs this means providing them with a range of toys that vary in shape, taste and texture – a neat trick is to regularly rotate through the dog toys so that they never become bored. Stimulate and challenge your dog with the Kong Gyro, featuring a static outer ring and spinning centre orb that dispenses treats!


Cat toys are also essential – as kittens especially are extremely active – but if there’s one thing kittens love to do as much as playing, it’s scratching. It’s a natural behaviour so you don’t want to discourage it, but you don’t want your furniture ripped apart either. Be sure to have a scratching post in place from day one and make sure your new kitten knows that it’s okay to scratch away on it – they’ll love you for it! Check out this huge Pawever Scratching post on the Marketplace.


For all day entertainment, get an interactive pet toy. Make an offer on the wide range of electronic toys in the EnterOffer Marketplace. Ensuring you have a good assortment of toys available is essential for ensuring your pet stays happy, and electronic interactive toys are perfect for stimulating your pet’s senses and testing their reflexes, memory and recall. FroliCat, for example, has a pounce toy that acts as an automatic hide-and-seek cat toy with a mouse zipping around a track – the perfect boredom buster!


Pet Tech

Ever wanted a pet camera to make sure your pets are okay at home? The Petcube Interactive Camera takes things a step further as it allows you interact with your pet while you’re away. You’ll be able to watch their behaviour to make sure they’re being good, speak to them through the camera and have the option of letting them play with a laser-light setting.


There’s also heaps of automatic pet feeders which are fantastic if you sometimes get held back at work. Available for both cats and dogs, the automatic feeders are programmable, so you can schedule multiple meals per day (if need be) in exact portions. This one from Kogan SmarterHome is controllable from your phone – get it for a steal in the EnterOffer Marketplace.

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